The Unlimited manuscripts plan is a unique offering we have introduced at Pubsure based on feedback we have received from some of our most loyal customers. It has been designed for individual use and not group or institutional use. This plan offers tremendous power and flexibility and we trust it will also be used responsibly.
  To ensure fair use, we have a few simple checks in place:

✓Owner of the R Pubsure account is the primary author or co-author on the manuscript being checked under the Pro plan

✓Up to 10 reports can be generated in a single day

If we notice a breach of either of these conditions or any misuse, we may temporarily suspend the user’s plan pending a review.

You can read more about the fair use policy here.


We do not have any institutional plans at the moment. If your institution wishes to purchase the Unlimited manuscripts plan, then it would need to do so for each individual researcher who plans to use it. Please write to with the name & address of your institution and the expected number of accounts. We will get back to you with a customized quote.