At R Pubsure, our mission is to kill desk rejection and save you time. So all of the Pubsure Pro plans include unlimited rechecks for each manuscript at no extra cost. This means you get a comprehensive Pubsure Pro report for every new version of your manuscript. No matter how many revisions and feedback you incorporate, you can always depend on Pubsure to help catch any misses or errors before you submit.

Each recheck includes all aspects of Pubsure Lite + Pro

✓ Pubsure score

✓ Language quality checks. Plus, the edited Word file with all language improvement suggestions as track changes

✓ Technical checks

✓ Concepts and article summaries

✓ Journal recommendations

✓ Plagiarism report

✓ Pubsure certificate

To ensure fair use, our system compares similarity between the latest file you upload with the previous version to confirm it’s the same manuscript.